iPad Users Have Downloaded 3 Billion Apps So Far

Since the first iPad launched in the spring of 2010, a staggering three billion apps have already been downloaded, according to new data from ABI Research. This puts the iPad’s app download rate months ahead of the iPhone, which took a full two years to reach that mark. And it becomes even more impressive when one considers that there are less apps designed specifically for the iPad than the iPhone.

Despite there being only one iPad and two generations, its app download volume is leagues ahead of Android. All of Android’s myriad tablets combine for only 440 million downloads to date. ABI cites fragmentation and slow software updates as key issues—far too many tablets still run old generation versions of Google’s mobile platform. 

ABI also says that “Apple’s iPad apps are generally considered to be of a better quality compared to Android tablet-specific appsm: and that, “in terms of hardware, the iPad device still offers much more compared to the current crop of tablets in the market. Android is currently being used on many low end tablets that do not offer experiences anywhere near the iPad and this dampens the download momentum for users.”

There are more than 120,000 apps developed specifically for the iPad so far.

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