KPMG Study: 50% of Canadians Willing to Have Online Usage Tracked

KPMG released their Consumer and Convergence Report of 2011 recently on “The Converged Lifestyle” representing the Canadian telecommunications, media and technology sectors across a range of sectors including advertising, retailers, content providers, mobile operators and banks. This post will underline all of the latter sectors. 

Advertising and Data Privacy 

While Jennifer Stoddart, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said that businesses must stipulate how they track personal data at the Marketing and the Law conference in December, according to the KPMG report 47-50% of Canadians were willing to have their online usage tracked if it provided value or a payoff, versus 62% internationally. Canadians also showed to have less of a concern towards the security of their information at 84% versus 90% globally. 63% also say they trust their financial institutions with the data versus 56% globally, but trust secure payment sites like PayPal less at 25%, versus 30% globally. 

Further, Canadians are 15% more likely to accept advertisements on their PCs and Laptops than on their mobile devices. Younger consumers are more tolerant too – they are twice as likely to be willing to recieve advertisements compared to those over the age of 65.

E-Commerce and Retail 

While Canadians are some of the most active online users in the world, 72% of Canadians, versus 47% globally preferred to purchase luxury goods in a store, and 78% of Canadians were not likely to purchase food and groceries online, versus 41% globally. Further, just 23% of Canadians versus 38% globally used their mobile device at retail outlets to access coupons and one in six Canadians used their device to scan barcodes compared to 1 in 5 globally. 

Mobile Service Providers 

75% of Canadians are most influenced by the operator coverage which can’t help local coverage based startups like Mobilicity and WIND Mobile who have immensely struggled in making a dent in the Canadian smartphone market. 75% are also influenced by the quality of customer service, and 77% are influenced by price rather than the availability of a device which stood at 60%. 

Only 79% of Canadians reported downloading an app versus 88% globally, 61% did not pay for any of them versus 41% globally, and 24% paid for only one in four of their downloads versus 39% globally.

For Content Providers 

Only 2% of Canadians are willing to pay for full access to a website and 82% currently do not pay for any of the online content they access and when faced with a “pay-wall” Canadians less than half the time would be willing to pay for continued access but they would be more willing to pay for music rather than books in the pay-wall scenario. 

Mobile Banking 

In 2011, 32% of Canadians said they had used some form of mobile banking in the past six months, while 57% were still unaware that their bank provided mobile banking services. 

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