Vancouver’s Rude Boy Games Launches Zwonks, a Mobile Game Leveraging Waterloo’s Kik Messenger

Rude Boy Games, a spinoff from Vancouver startup Ayogo Games, has come out of stealthmode to launch Zwonks. A “new twist” on social gaming, Zwonks utilizes instant messaging between friends in its gameplay.

“Zwonks is a new kind of social game,” said Palle Hoffstein, Producer at Rude Boy Games. “There’s a layer of social play where you help your friends advance in the game, and another layer that’s about expressing and sharing.”

Zwonks are “quirky creatures that can be customized and accessorized.” These avatars are then shareable with friends and family via Waterloo-startup Kik’s cross-platform messaging app as well as good ol’ fashioned email. Zwonks game is available for free in Apple’s App Store.

“Part of what has made Kik Messenger such a success has been connecting people anywhere while keeping the app experience very fast and easy to use,” said Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive. “The launch of the API and the addition of the Apps That Kik discovery service provide an insanely simple solution to drive app adoption for developers.”

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