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Google+ is Officially Becoming Relevant in Search. It Might Be Time to Get a Google+ Profile

Jon Mitchell at Read Write Web has been an outspoken proponent of how Google+ may ruin search results as he believes the Internet will “warp” if the only way to matter is to Google-optimize. He tweets about the changes that will register when you go on the search engine in the next few days: “Google is allowing me to expand my Google-identity beyond Google+. Facebook does not do that.”

Mitchell’s fears aren’t overly extreme as Google isn’t going to allow you to search without Google+, only allowing you to remove personal results from search making it very much a Google first experience. As a result, you might want to start a Google+ account or give it more attention. Only 62 million people as of December had signed up for Google+.

You’ll want to post all the thoughtful things you might link to or say on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for professional reasons to Google+ as well now for your friends and others to find. 

That’s because Google believes allowing you to search public Google+ updates will enable Internet searchers to find a community in a few clicks beyond a query plus the prominent people behind them who you can add to your circles right away.

For those concerned about privacy Google says: “With a single click, you can see an unpersonalized view of search results. That means no results from your friends, no private information and no personalization of results based on your Web History. This toggle button works for an individual search session, but you can also make this the default in your Search Settings. We provide separate control in Search Settings over other contextual signals we use, including location and language”.

You can read in greater detail at the Offical Google Blog