These are the Five Most Leading Edge Technology Brands in Canada

What brands are considered “leading edge” by Canadians? Ipsos Reid conducted a nationwide survey of Canadian adults to find out. As part of its Ipsos Influence Index study to identify key factors that drive brand influence, the market research firm uncovered the 10 companies Canada believes are at the forefront of innovative excellence.

5 of the 10 companies in the list are technology companies. Number one overall is Apple, who won for its originality, innovation, and revolutionary product design. Steve Levy, president of Ipsos Reid, said that “it’s been amazing to see what Apple has accomplished over the past decade, through the introduction of innovative and iconic products.”

Number two overall is Google. Microsoft, the third-most leading edge tech brand in Canada, ranked fourth overall, while YouTube—now owned by Google—was the fourth tech stock and ninth overall. Lastly came Sony. Non-tech brands considered leading edge by Canadians included Ikea, Cirque de Soleil, Coca-Cola, President’s Choice, and Tim Hortons.

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