This is what MaRS Discovery District will look like in 2013

The University of Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District Building will rise 20 stories above University and College in 2013, helping to further build Ontario’s innovation and knowledge economy.

MaRS’ Investment Accelerator Fund is looking to invest in information technology, cleantech, advanced materials, manufacturing and life sciences early-stage growth companies. There is a separate fund of $7 million in funding announced for just life sciences. The IAF says an excellent resource for companies is MaRS’s Entrepreneur Toolkit where the fundraising articles are insightful. Profiles of the fund’s investments can be found here.

The MaRS organization further serves as a vehicle for venture capitalists and government financiers to come in and offer funding to the numerous standout companies they advise every year through mentoring programs. The organization also assists with sophisticated entreprenurial programs like The Next 36, Canada’s Entreprenurial Leadership Initative. Further, they hold a number of event series like Entrepreneurship 101 and Mobile Monday Toronto across a variety of industries where knowledge is required for innovation to happen. The expansion should only further continue to enhance the building’s reputation as a place for some of Canada’s brightest minds to assemble via conferences.

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