HootSuite Indexes What’s Hot on Twitter: RIM Was the Top Canadian Brand in 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s the top brand on Twitter? Why, Twitter, of course.

Vancouver startup HootSuite today released Part 2 of its Twitter 2011 Trends, courtesy of What the Trend?, a company it acquired in 2011. An infographic indexes a few lists such as the top 15 brands on Twitter, the top 10 trending topics, the top 10 hashtag trends, and the top 10 “in memorium” trends, and the top 10 holiday trends.

Just barely squeaking it at number 15 on the Top Twitter Brands list was Waterloo’s Research In Motion. The BlackBerry maker was the lone Canadian company on the list, but tech companies overall were popular: Google, Facebook, Apple, HP, NetFlix, PlayStation, and even MySpace made the list (is it sad that MySpace still manages to trump RIM by a wide margin?).

There are few surprises in the index—Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and the Jonas Brothers all made it into the top five trending topics. The earthquakes in Japan did manage to strike a chord with the Twittersphere though; “Japan Earthquake” was a top trending topic and #PrayForJapan was a top hasthtag trend (number 9 and number respectively).

Steve Jobs, the legendary visionary behind Apple, easily topped the list of in-memorium trends. And while it’s no shocker that Christmas was the hottest holiday trend, underdog Father’s Day managed to trump super heavyweights New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving to rank second. Valentine’s Day didn’t get much love, losing the popularity contest to the more cut-to-the-chase National Kiss Day.

HootSuite is a finalist for this year’s Canadian Startup Awards as Best Overall Canadian Startup of 2011 and its CEO, Ryan Holmes, is a finalist for Canadian Entrepreneur of 2011.

Images: The Canadian Press, HootSuite Media

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