Montreal Entrepreneur Quits High-Paying Job to Found Startup That Turns WordPress Sites into Mobile Apps

Appifier, a Montreal-based startup, has come out of beta today. The new company, not to be confused with Applifier, transforms WordPress websites into mobile apps—actual apps, not just mobile-optimized websites. The apps are thorough, too, including push notifications, offline access, social media sharing, and natural designs that make for a native-app feel.

Appifier charges no fees upfront but does charge a monthly or lifetime fee in order to publish an app—nothing can be published without this paid subscription. It’s $39 per month, or $499 for a lifetime, which is basically one year’s worth of the monthly fees. The lifetime option is supposedly only available for a “limited time.”

Founders Steve Panetta and Mike Gozzo—the latter of which quit his “high-paying” job to found Appifier—say the startup is perfect for non-coders and non-designers because it’s both easy to use and competitively affordable. Without customizations, a basic WordPress-to-app conversion can take literally one minute to complete, the startup claims. See it in action in the video below.

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