Carleton University Unveils Huawei-Telus Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services [UPDATED]

Tomorrow, Carleton University in Ottawa will finally unveil the Huawei-Telus Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services. The establishment being created thanks to a $1.4 million joint-investment by Huawei and Telus last June.

The innovation centre will be located in the university’s new engineering building. It will act as a venue for “performing cutting-edge research in cloud computing.” Students, faculty, and industry alike will be able to “research real-world problems associated with enterprise clouds, including management of computing, on-demand storage and network resources, data-centre networking, scalability, business continuity and security.”

“This innovative partnership will lead to exciting research and development possibilities for Carleton students and staff at both the undergraduate and graduate levels,” said said Rafik Goubran, dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University, back in the summer of 2011. “The new lab being located at Carleton in the nation’s capital is yet another sign that high tech is again on the move in Ottawa, providing our students with hands-on, real-world experience that will give them a competitive edge in the Ottawa job market.”

“Huawei continues to focus on customer-centric innovation in support of Canada’s thriving Digital Economic Strategy,” said Sean Yang, President of Huawei Canada, in regards to the investment. “In addition to the joint innovation centre we announced with TELUS earlier in the year, this new lab, another strategic partnership with TELUS, is dedicated to enterprise cloud services, and underscores our commitment to bringing leading technologies and solutions to our key customers. We have a long-term commitment to the Canadian market, and will continue to contribute to the local community by sponsoring, funding, and collaborating with universities across the nation.”

“The research that will be undertaken in this new lab will lead to solutions for real-world problems associated with the field of cloud computing,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, Telus’ Chief Technology Officer. “This agreement continues to demonstrate the value of our choice of Huawei in terms of the right strategic partner for now and into the future.”

UPDATE: The Huawei-Telus Innovation Centre for Enterprise Cloud Services was officially unveiled today and this is what the people behind the project had to say.

“Working with such innovative partners as Huawei and TELUS helps ensure Carleton continues to collaborate with important industry locally and nationally,” said Rafik Goubran, dean of Carleton’s Faculty of Engineering and Design. “Our students will get the hands-on, real-world training they need to be competitive in the job market.”


“This initiative will enable Carleton to work with a growing number of innovators in the field of cloud computing research,” says Ibrahim Gedeon, TELUS Chief Technology Officer. “The centre, supported by TELUS and Huawei, will be a vital element of not only academia in Canada but with our industry in helping to develop the most advanced cloud technology and services, ultimately benefitting the consumer and business alike.”

“We’re very pleased to be partnering with TELUS and the dynamic researchers in Carleton’s Faculty of Engineering and Design in developing the cloud computing lab,” says Sean Yang, president of Huawei Canada.  “With Carleton students driving research in leading-edge technologies, this will have significant benefits in the local information and communications technology community as these students graduate and enter the workforce.”

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