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RIM Shows Off the Year-Late BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS at CES 2012 [VIDEO]

At CES 2012, RIM is finally giving consumers a hands-on taste of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, the first major update to the tablet’s mobile operating system since its launch in the spring of last year. While this is how the “half-baked” PlayBook probably should have shipped initially, it’s good to see that RIM hasn’t abandoned its tablet. 

OS 2.0 has all the native apps that were originally missing, such as email. If you like how this new, thoroughly revamped OS functions, consider grabbing a PlayBook for as little as $199 at various sales online and in stores. It’s likely to go back up to full price when 2.0 is officially released sometime in February. Considering the hardware specs of RIM’s tablet, which remain strong even a year later, it’s a sweet deal for non-Apple fanatics and Fandroids.

See it in action in the Engadget video below.