How to Prepare for an Interview With Amber Mac at Dx3 Canada

Amber Mac PhotoIf your startup is exhibiting at the Dx3 Canada trade show in Toronto on January 25th to 26th, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading this post. Amber Mac, esteemed Canadian technology writer, author and TV host, is going to be hosting a show live from the Dx3 Canada trade show floor. She plans to interview leading Canadian companies in the digital advertising, digital marketing and digital retail space.

We recently asked her to share some advice on how Dx3 Canada exhibitors can get her attention and how to prepare for a possible interview on her show. 

Why did you choose to interview exhibitors at Dx3 Canada?

There is so much happening on the digital front in Canada, but there isn’t always an opportunity for the country’s leaders to come together to talk about what’s next. Dx3 Canada is that opportunity, so I’m thrilled to be on board.

What excites you about a Canadian startup founder when you first meet them?

Canadian start-up founders tend to be a little more humble than other founders I’ve met (remember, I worked in San Francisco during the dot-com boom – and bust of the late 1990s). However, whether they’re from St. John’s, Newfoundland or Victoria, British Columbia, there is no shortage of talent in this country.  

How many startups will you be selecting for interviews?

I’ll be interviewing 20-30 different companies at Dx3 Canada. However, while we’re roaming the floor meeting new people we’ll be on the look-out for other entrepreneurs who deserve their moment in the spotlight. 

If selected, what sorts of questions can they be prepared to answer?

What we really want to focus on at Dx3 Canada is to arm people with the resources and knowledge they need to lead their companies into the digital world. As for questions, I’ll be digging around for tips and tactics these start-ups use to do everything from raise money to get exposure in the online space. 

In general, how do you recommend that startups prepare for media interviews – especially if they’ve never done one before?

Every company needs an elevator pitch, a perfect 30-second clip that excites viewers watching at home or at work. I’d recommend that interviewees rehearse that pitch and also figure out what they want to get out of the interview (e.g. more exposure, professional contacts, etc.).

Good luck to everyone who is showcasing at Dx3 Canada next week. We hope you get a chance to meet Amber and possibly get some coverage on her show.

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