Pseudonym Users Are Better Internet Commenters Than People Using Real Names [INFOGRAPHIC]

In a surprise result, people using pseudonyms are superior blog commenters than those using their real names and those choosing to remain anonymous. According to data released by commenting platform Disqus, those with fictitious online personas leave more comments than others and their comments fetch more “likes” and thumbs ups too.

Some websites like TechCrunch have controversially adopted Facebook’s commenting system. But just 4% of Disqus users prefer to use their Facebook profiles to comment. Meanwhile, 61% favour pseudonyms and 35% simply choose to log in anonymously.

61% of comments left by pesudonymed-readers garnered positive reviews from fellow readers, but only 51% of real-identity commenters managed the same. Only 34% of anonymous commenters ever recieve positive feedback.

Infographic: Disqus

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