Winnipeg Startup BargainMoose’s Mobile App Climbs the App Store Charts

This month, Canadian deal-hunting website BargainMoose launched a mobile app that brings the popular website to the palm of consumers’ hands and delivers custom-tailored push notifications for new deals. Available for iOS and Android, the app is a quick of convenient way to access a plethora of Canada-specific deals of all sorts.

In fact, Bargainmoose’s mobile app has proven so handy that’s rapidly climbed the App Store charts. It quickly found a spot in the top 10 Finance apps in Canada, along such heavyweights as Mint, PayPal, and the Big Five banks. And of the top 10 apps—indeed, the top 25—BargainMoose is also the highest-rated, averaging a full five stars, even after 95 ratings.

“After spending a fortune on holiday shopping over the last month or so, many people find that their finances are a bit stretched in January,” says Anna Waters, founder of “Everyone is looking for ways to shave a few extra bucks off their weekly spend, and the Bargainmoose deals app is the secret in your pocket that can help with that.”

BargainMoose differentiates itself from other deal-finder websites by utilizing crowdsourcing, which enables consumers to determine how good the deals are. Because most people care what other regular consumers are saying about products and promos a lot more than the companies hawking them, this concept creates a filter for credible deals which has been a boon for the Winnipeg-born startup.

“Bargainmoosers can vote on the latest shopping bargains, bringing the hottest deals and freebies to the forefront,” Anna explains.  “The voting system means that the deals are of good quality and relevant to Canadian consumers. The push notifications in the app send out an alert to the Bargainmoosers, and they can grab the best deals instantly. Some super bargains only last a few hours, so people need to get timely notifications of them.”

There are “no immediate plans” for a BlackBerry version.

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