Deloitte Canada’s Top Ten TMT Predictions for 2012

Duncan Stewart photoThis morning, Deloitte Canada hosted an event at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto to reveal the company’s top ten predictions in technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), for the year ahead. Duncan Stewart, Director of Research in Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Life Sciences and GreenTech at Deloitte Canada hosted the event and started off his presentation by revealing which of his predictions came true in 2011 and which predictions missed the mark.

Of course, some of the following predictions might also be slightly off target this year. But it’s still a lot of fun to try to see into the future. So, here goes:

1. Investments in “Big Data” are expected to grow by 1000 per cent in the next two years. Stewart told the audience that eighty per cent of Fortune 500 clients will be investing in this area by the end of 2012.

2. Payments via NFC-enabled smartphones. Stewart says that 2012 will be a transition year for this area because only two per cent of North American retailers have the ability to read NFC phones. However, he believes that this is still a big trend to watch.

3. Hard times ahead for the hard disc: solid state storage surges. The Deloitte prediction is that fifteen per cent of mobile PCs will have solid state drives this year – which will grow even more in the future. However, hard disc drives won’t go away completely.

4. The rise of the multi-tablet owner. Stewart believes that the proliferation of mobile computing devices will become as common as “having a light switch in every room of your home.”

5. Portable DVRs will enable users to catch-up on content on the go. Because of the ability to access video content on tablets and smartphones, Stewart says that an additional thirty billion hours of TV are now watched on the go.

6. Here come more data caps. This prediction seemed to disappoint many people in the audience. Stewart says that we are roughly ten to fifteen years away from being able to consume “all you can eat” internet data. He actually predicts that the rest of the world may soon adopt the Canadian data cap model – until all ISPs are able to provide access via fiber optic cables.

7. TV scheduling still dominates. Again, many people in the audience were surprised to hear that, despite the fact that many people now watch television on-demand, “95 per cent of all TV worldwide is still watched within twenty-four hours of broadcast.” Stewart explained that this is partly because people still tune in to watch the big live broadcasts, like the Super Bowl and awards shows.

8. Consumer tech spending defies economic head winds. Stewart explained that the cost to purchase popular consumer technologies continues to become more and more affordable. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the spend on popular products continues to climb, despite a tough economy.

9. Functional MRI (fMRI) machines and media. Stewart described how these new brain scan devices help marketers and media producers to identify which part of the brain reacts to certain stimuli. Therefore, brands like Chips Ahoy are using the technology to re-design packaging and test ad campaigns with more accuracy. Stewart says this industry will see “well over one hundred per cent growth in 2012.”

10. Brand advertising expenditures will surge in 2012. Up until now, search marketing has been the predominant channel for online advertising spend. But, thanks to new technologies like real-time bidding and improvements in online video advertising capabilities, Stewart says that we can expect “online brand advertising investments to increase by fifty per cent this year.”

So, there you have it – the top ten 2012 TMT predictions from Deloitte Canada. Let us know which ones you think will come true, and which might not make the cut.

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