Half of Canadians Don’t Want to Engage with Brands on Social Networks

Many Canadians don’t really think brands and social networks mix. According to new data from research firm TNS Canada, 54% of Canadians don’t want to engage with brands on social networks. Calling it a “digital wasteland” for businesses, TNS vice president Ron Caughlin says that “winning and maintaining brand loyalty is now harder than ever.”

Even so, 44% of consumers agree that they’d consider engaging with a brand recommended by a friend. “The online world presents massive opportunitiy for brands,” Ron notes, but “misguided digital strategies are generating mountains of digital waste, making it harder for brands to be heard.”

Canadians don’t seem to believe that social networks are a place where brands belong. But they do use social media for listening – which means businesses can get their message across with the right execution. It’s about building trust, Ron affirms: “Canadians […] need to be engaged in the correct way. They do not want to be intruded upon.”

The research also revealed that Canadians shy away from e-commerce and m-commerce for fears of giving up too much personal data. Online and mobile research is popular, but actual purchases are much rarer.

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