SpringTern helps Small Businesses accelerate growth while preparing Students for the Job Market

After a few months of private testing with potential customers, SpringTern, a new startup out of Toronto, it launching publicly.

SpringTern connects small businesses and non-profits with university and college students to do part-time, volunteer work projects. Organizations, which will enjoy using SpringTern at no cost during the free trial, will get the help they need to get more done and accelerate the growth of their business.

Students, often faced with the challenge of finding their first job without much real-world experience, get the chance to obtain that experience while still in school so that they are better prepared to enter the work-force.

SpringTern is already getting a positive reaction from organizations and students alike.  Robert Burko of EliteEmail said, “As the CEO of a fast growing company, we always have new opportunities coming up. Using SpringTern is perfect for us because it gets us some great work and lets us capitalize on these opportunities as they arise.”

Over the next few weeks, SpringTern’s co-founders, Ben Wise & Ron Lam, have events planned with student organizations at some of Canada’s best schools, including University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University, Sheridan College, and University of Toronto.

If you have any projects that you just can’t get to, this new service from SpringTern just might be worth a look.

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