An Internet Cast in Shadow: Why You Must Take Today’s SOPA Protest Very Seriously

Today’s the day—the first major protest by the web against America’s highly controversial Stop Online Piracy Act. Some of the continent’s biggest websites have gone black in order to give the public a taste of how surfing the web might feel in a SOPA world. While major social networks like Facebook and Twitter opted out, Wikipedia, Reddit, and WordPress are among the super heavyweights that cloaked themselves in darkness.

Still confused by this whole fiasco? A video by anti-SOPA user Fight for the Future explains the act, plus Protect-IP, its equally toxic sidekick, well. This Mashable article breaks down the actual legalese of SOPA to explain in lay men’s terms why it’s dangerous. And here is the official “internet goes on strike” page.

As Canadians, our worry over SOPA and Protect-IP is not as immediate or as intense as those in the U.S. Nonetheless, we should still be extremely concerned. What America does, Canada has often done not long after. A country as big and powerful as the U.S. passing such unbelievable laws causes the whole world to take a backward step in terms of societal progress. As some of Earth’s most active web users, Canadians must stand beside the American population and fight this battle. Before it becomes a war. Before the internet really does go black.

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