Steroids for Startups – Mercury Grove launches

Yesterday Ottawa’s Mercury Grove launched their newest venture –

Dubbed “Steroids for Startups”, StartupPlays has partnered with successful entrepreneurs to convert their expertise into an actionable process – delivered in a collaborative, online workspace that includes everything the startup will need to execute, including detailed tasks, file templates, and expert tips.

According to Mercury Grove CEO and serial entrepreneur Scott Annan, “Entrepreneurs don’t learn by studying or reading, they learn by doing.”


Although there’s lots of information and opinions on entrepreneurship available through blogs, books, videos, and Q&A sites, entrepreneurs have the daunting task of finding quality information and turning it into actionable tasks.  We’ve gone out and found the experts, and turned their knowledge and experience into actionable tasks and templates that are market-proven.  When someone buys a play, they have everything they need to execute – which is all that really matters to a startup.

The latest “Play”, launched yesterday, is on how to qualify for investor funding, authored by serial entrepreneur Sam Zaid, CEO of 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt winner  Zaid outlines how founders can build a fundable company by setting clear milestones and reviewing them early with prospective investors to make sure they’re on the right track before pitching investors. 

StartupPlays is currently in “semi-stealth” mode, rolling out new plays weekly until its full launch next month. World-class authors of StartupPlays include Dan Martell (, Adrian Salamunovic (DNA11, CanvasPop), Jeremy Olson (Tapity), Aaron Hall (DressRush), and Cameron Herold (BackPocketCOO, formerly 1-800-GOT-JUNK).  Plays range from $75 to $300.

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