Toronto’s BandLink Connects Local Musicians in Cities Across the Country

Rupert Murdoch, who is now on Twitter to the bewildered amusement of some after the infamous News of the World scandal tweeted on January 13th: “Many questions and jokes about My Space. simple answer- we screwed up in every way possible, learned lots of valuable expensive lessons”.

Where one media titan fails, Canadian entrepreneurs Rob Platek, Marc Carignan and Vlad Platek see an opportunity to make a mark on a fresh somewhat untapped music social scene with BandLink, a local musicians network that helps musicians find missing pieces to continue or start living their dream. 

The founders say that they started the site out of necessity because finding the right musicians to jam and play with can be quite the challenge. They are speeding up the audition process for bands that were missing pieces that may have prevented them from playing. 

Whether those missing band members be a producer, another band member, a singer, a group of roadies, locals to jam with or something else, BandLink aims to be the ultimate tool in which every musician can rely on to find people to start and continue the life of existing bands. The online audition feature that will be released soon will allow for all potential bandmates that fit a certain criteria to be automatically notified of an opportunity.

Rob Platek says that thousands of musicians have signed up for BandLink worldwide who are exchanging hundreds of messages a day and that Toronto is where the site is most widely used due to existing local coverage in Metro back in November. He says it’s also a place where musicians can gain more exposure as they can embed their SoundCloud profile. Further, they are extremely focused on user experience as MySpace was a terrible site to navigate in the minds of many. 

BandLink plans to open up more options for fans of local bands in the future where they’ll also be able to put in a request for record producers, session players or live engineers at crowdsourced rates.

Although we’ve been seeing innovation in mobile music with Bjork’s album as an app nominated for 12 Grammy Awards recently and SoundCloud raising $50M, BandLink is a unique Canadian approach to the social music scene that focuses on “local discovery”. 

The way of “discovery” is exactly what Facebook Canada’s Senior Director Director Alfredo Tan said the web was moving some months ago, who further reiterated that same fact at the Queens’ Marketing Association Conference in Kingston last weekend according to sources.

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