Zuckerberg on SOPA: ‘We can’t let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the internet’s development’

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly spoken out against SOPA. This morning, the billionaire posted a status stating that “Facebook opposes SOPA AND PIPA.”

“The internet is the most powerful tool we have for creating a more open and connected world,” says Mark. “We can’t let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the internet’s development.” Mr. Zuckerberg believes that the world “needs political leaders who are pro-internet.” 

Mark’s status update has garnered 300,000 Likes, 60,000 shares, and 6,000 comments in just two short hours. Facebook’s full stance on anti-piracy bills can be found here, where the company states its position in detail.

PROTECT IP and SOPA could create very real problems for Internet companies like ours that are a primary driver of innovation, growth, and job creation in the 21st century economy. The bills contain overly broad definitions and create a new private cause of action against companies on the basis of those expansive definitions, which could seriously hamper the innovation, growth, and investment in new companies that have been the hallmarks of the Internet. In addition, we are concerned about provisions in the bills that could chill free expression or weaken the Internet’s architecture.


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