Facebook is Going to Force You to Use Facebook Timeline and Consequently Auto-Share Everything

It’s clear through the first 60 Timeline apps that Facebook wants you to auto-share absolutely everything. For the fear of those who haven’t complied with Facebook’s request to activate Timeline, it’ll be forced upon you eventually. Some of Timeline’s apps include the ever popular Oodle, Yahoo News, Causes, Flixster, The Washington Post Social, Pinterest and more. You can check out what your friends are using by clicking here.

CNN’s Mark Milian reports, “joining ‘likes’ on Facebook, the social network has added dozens of new types of posts, including ‘bought,’ ‘read.’ and ‘want.'” 

Facebook has long struggled getting many of their users to say anything of context unlike users on Twitter so now they are dangerously pushing their users to do so through actions. North America and the West, where much of Facebook’s user base lies is in a passive and lurking society by nature, so this makes a lot of sense. This is a move purely in the direction of trying to attain an even bigger advertising revenue share in the wake of an impending IPO.

The main issue here isn’t that users will be forced to share more though—the issue is that if they do choose to install a Facebook Timeline app Facebook wants auto-sharing in place for all the brands that choose to participate. Some brands are against this because they want all potential users to be on the application- ones that don’t want to share and ones that do want to share. 

The Timeline reminded me of a MySpace profile when I first saw it and I have to ask: Is Facebook going the way of MySpace? 

I realize people have a lot invested in Facebook but now that you can download your uploaded photos and information back is there anything stopping people from potentially boycotting the site? 

There are plenty of social media alternatives now like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and others that are experiencing growth.

After all, the time spent on Facebook has dropped 13% over a three-month period, pageviews are down 17% and unique pageviews per user are down nearly 18.5%. 

Will super sharing by select users who reveal their inner nerd that you’re connected to make Facebook more or less popular than ever before? 

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