- 4 years ago


Competing tablets are slowly gaining ground on Apple’s legendary iPad, but they clearly have a long way to go still. According to new data from Chitika Insights, iPads count for over 15% of all mobile traffic.

How do others stack up? Unless you’re an Apple fanatic, you don’t want to know. Apple’s toughest rival, Amazon, eats iPad dust in a very distant second. Chitika’s research found that for every 100 impressions on an iPad, the Kindle Fire gets less than 3. The RIM PlayBook, Motorola Xoom, and Samsung Galaxy Tab all get less than 2 per 100 iPad impressions.

Emarketer estimates that there will be 90 million tablet users by 2014, which is actually a fairly conservative number—analysts believe Apple will sell 50 million iPads in 2012 alone.