Tablet Users Spend More Money Online Than Smartphone, Laptop, and Even Desktop Users [STUDY]

Tablet owners are big spenders.

In a study that all retailers should read, Adobe Systems has found that tablet users spend more money per purchase than those conducting ecommerce on smartphones, laptops, and even desktops. Adobe Digital Marketing Insights analyzed 16 billion anonymous visits to 150 different retail websites to discover that tablet users spend 54% more per purchase than smartphone users and 21% more than desktop and laptop users.

“Adobe has long championed the need for retailers to optimize their sites for mobile visitors, and the results of this study indicate that tablet devices have become an absolutely critical new sales channel that marketers must address head-on,” said Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe Digital Marketing Business, in a release. “This study shows the importance of optimizing your 2012 e-tail strategy for tablet visitors to avoid the risk of underserving a highly-profitable, fast-growing customer segment.”

Not only do tablet users spend more per purchase, but they’re also three times as likely to actually buy stuff than smartphone users visiting the same sites. This suggests that mobile optimization must not ignore specific tablet optimization, particularly for ecommerce websites.

Photo: iMore

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