Connexinet: a Canadian Location-Based App Building Success Story

Recently, we put up the 10 most used Android Apps by Canadians. Eighth on that list was Connexinet’s Tim Hortons Finder. 

Connexinet’s founder Samir Al-Battran realized that Canadian mobile app developers were not really building Android apps, so he took it upon himself in his free time over the past couple of years to build apps targeted to Canadians to compensate for the lack of Canadian content on the Android Market. 

He was a mobile app building pioneer having started developing mobile apps eight years ago in 2004 on platforms like WinCE and Windows Mobile who envisioned just how mainstream mobile apps would become. He finally jumped into the present day app space successfully co-founding RentCompass, his most popular app to date for rentals which was launched on the day the iPad was released in Canada. 

In addition to the Tim Hortons Finder, Samir has built the LCBO & Beer Store Finder, the RBC ATM location finder, and the award-winning Ottawa InsideOut among a myriad of other apps for various clients at his 11-year Toronto-based consulting company.

Samir believes that the next logical step in progressing his “finder” apps which became possible with GPS enabled in smartphones is the use of augmented reality but says there haven’t been implementations mainstream enough for everyone to use and remain in the “cool apps” category for now. 

Connexinet’s founder is certainly staying in the mobile location-based app space recently launching TweepsMap in October that helps marketers analyze their Twitter followers based on the location they share. Al-Battran says that he had to develop a language processing algorithim as not everyone shares their location in an equal fashion. Further, he says the next step is to build up premium services to give more insightful analytics reporting. 

Toronto was recently said to be the second most cosmopolitan city in the world according to a New York Times op-ed and Samir agrees in saying: “I think there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit growing in Canada and especially Toronto. I am finding it very interesting that I frequently meet people with new startups or ideas, more so recently than before. Toronto is slowly becoming an important hub for software development especially in the mobile space and I feel great to be a part of this wave”. 

The company is looking for venture funding opportunities for TweepsMap and some other projects so if you’re interested in learning more you can find Samir’s contact information on his website.


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