Everyone’s talking about Summify but can it tame the Twitter fire hose?

Since Techvibes starting covering Canadian technology and startup news five years ago there has never been an acquisition that has got as much attention as Vancouver’s Summify. It seems every online news property has reported on Twitter’s most recent acquisition and the post-mortem coverage continues.

Across the board, everyone seems to believe that the bright minds behind Summify will help Twitter solve the noise problem that has made it unusable for many. Your feed is a fire hose of chatter and critical links you would be interested in are all too often buried within seconds.

It’s a front-end problem that has forced Twitter’s faithful to access streams through third-party clients for years.

Yesterday Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey took the stage at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany and was asked about the acquisition of Summify and whether it will help people overcome information overload.

Dorsey responded, “Our goal is delivering relevant content to people, instantly. This sounds simple but is in fact extremely complicated to pull off in real-time. We want to bring you closer to what’s happening in the world, and we have a lot of work to do – Summify will help us in that regard”.

Time will tell. But if you’re going to miss your daily email once the Summify service is shut down in a few weeks, check out News.me. They’ve swooped in to save Summify’s loyal fans until Twitter can tame their fire hose.

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