SpeakFeel Renovates JoeMobi, Bringing WordPress to Mobile Better Than Ever

JoeMobi, a customizable BlackBerry and Android app that delivers content from WordPress sites to mobile devices, has gotten a major upgrade.

Guelph-based SpeakFeel, the maker of JoeMobi, says that both customer-facing and back-end changes have been made, including “a richer reading experience and more publishing options.” For example, users who install the updated JoeMobi plugin on their WordPress site will now have their content pushed to mobile devices under the publisher’s brand, replacing the old pull notification functionality.

“We redesigned the BlackBerry app user interface for ease of use and better branding of the publisher’s blog,” says Harry Scanlan, director of mobile technology and partner at SpeakFeel, makers of JoeMobi. 

“Our first step was to secure real estate on readers’ smartphones for our publishers with an app that reflects the branding on the publisher’s blog,” says Kelly Brooks, president of SpeakFeel. “Now we’re adding muscle to the back-end of the app to improve the customer-facing side and create an even richer reading experience.” 

“Looking at the data from the last three months, we see that readers have accessed the JoeMobi-powered app on their smartphone a total of 125,000 times,” says Noel Webb, vice president and chairman of SpeakFeel. “That extent of reader engagement is more than we predicted and publishers are taking note. We will have tools to start helping publishers monetize this tool soon.” 

SpeakFeel produces enterprise-level mobile applications for Fortune 500 brands, including mobile app development for all major platforms, mobile analytics, and mobile marketing.

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