Tablets are the New Black: Ownership Doubles in Less Than One Month

You know an item is popular when…

One of the hottest holiday gifts this past season was tablets (and e-readers). And by hot, we mean really hot. In less than a month—from mid-December to early January—the amount of Americans owning a tablet nearly doubled, from 10% to 19% in just a couple of short weeks. Now, 29% of Americans own one or more tablets or e-readers, up from 18% in December, according to data from Pew Internet and American Life Project.

The most popular tablet purchased was of course Apple’s iPad. Amazon’s Kindle Fire was the second-hottest ticket in town thanks to its low price.

Boys and girls favour tablets equally, the data found. Those with higher incomes and/or higher educations are more likely to own a tablet, the research suggests.

While these numbers are U.S. only, historical data indicates that Canadian consumer shopping habits are comparable, as are our tech item penetration rates. So it’s relatively safe to assume that roughly the same percentage of Canadians own tablets.

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