Ad-Dispatch Get $250,000 To Make Interactive Clothing

Ad-DispatchA pioneer in augmented reality (AR), Ad-Dispatch try to make the ordinary… a little less so.  Using almost any cellphone, and their cutting-edge AR technology, Ad-Dispatch are able to do pretty much anything with a blank canvas.

While they can show you what a new  pair of glasses will look like on your face, or put an actual games on a box of cereal, it is their ability to make things appear on your clothing that interests investors.

“Rather than just a garment, the consumer is purchasing access to an interactive experience.  With the augmented-reality application, a purchaser downloads a key that allows for an online activation of an interactive event linked to the illustration on the clothing”, explains spokeswoman Heather Anne Ritchie.  “The application will recognize certain features on the illustration, a set of drums, for example, and allow the purchaser to actually play the drums imaged on the shirt on an iPhone or iPad.”

It seems that Nova Scotia Business Inc. see the promise in the technology, offering a $250,000 loan to see the business off the ground.  While still a relatively new company, Ad-Dispatch have made their presence known, with clients such as Loblaw, Empire Theatres, President’s Choice, Home Depot, and many more.  In fact, MacLean’s Magazine used their technology to augment a feature story on Sydney Crosby.

More TechVibes coverage of Ad-Dispatch by Andrea Wahbe (link).

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