RIM Rumours: Can We Expect a PlayBook with a Slider Keyboard Next Year?

Step aside, iPad 3! Research In Motion is pumping the rumour mill now.

With a new CEO, Thorsten Heins, at the helm, everyone is curious as to RIM’s next move. BGR, for one, has been “gathering info” on the company’s year-long roadmap and has revealed their findings. 

According to them, RIM will announce two new BlackBerry Curves—the 9230 and the 9320—within the “next few months.” Hopefully BGR is wrong on the naming front, because two Curve devices with switched-around numbers would be horribly confusing to consumers. It’s already bad enough.

BGR also says that RIM will introduce a next-gen PlayBook with 4G compatibility, NFC support, and an improved processor. Meanwhile, the fabled London BlackBerry, RIM’s first alleged BlackBerry 10 smartphone, is “still on track” for a September launch. After that, in December, BGR believes that a second BBX smartphone—a Bold—will be released.

And last but certainly not least, the latest rumour is that RIM will launch a PlayBook with a… wait for it… sliding keyboard. How much closer to an ultrabook can we get?

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