Toronto’s Project X Labs Announces GeoDash 2 and Strategic Partnership with Spacefile

Toronto-based Project X Labs, a subsidiary of Project X Ltd., today announced the availability of GeoDash 2, its “most advanced location intelligence tool ever.” X Labs says that GeoDash 2 brings customers improved productivity and utilizes the cloud to deliver mobile intelligence tools with the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform.

“This release is very focused on delivering high value features to customers and puts more intelligence in their hands,” said Stephen Hayward, president of Project X Labs. “It’s now easy for users to input multiple data sources and layer data in their visualizations. Ultimately, these tools drive business decisions and our customers will be able to easily visualize their business data either at their desk or on the go.”

Customer-driven features that dominate this release include layers, simultaneous and selection tools and mobile intelligence. Mobile intelligence and taking business data on the road is now delivered through integration in the HTML container and works on both Android and Apple mobile devices. This new mobile intelligence functionality means that users can dynamically interact with location business data when viewing prospective retail sites, surveying project locations or evaluating new business opportunities.

Project X Labs also announced a strategic partnership with Spacefile, an award-winning high-density storage solution company. Together, the companies will “develop a custom business intelligence visualization solution” using their combined technologies.

“Business intelligence visualization is a field that’s about to explode,” said Stephen Hayward, president of Project X Labs. “By partnering with Spacefile we’re able to take their core business value and combine it with our Rapid Results business intelligence visualization tools and create real results for current and new clients.”

“Our Spacefile Asset tracking system using RFID tags has already proven invaluable to our customers and extending the solution to include Project X Labs visualization capabilities will thrill our customers even more,” said John Harkness, president of Spacefile.

With a BI visualization solution, companies can track and manage enormous amounts of data and visualize the movement of assets through their facilities. For example, a law firm which has thousands of files will be able to quickly visualize all the locations a file has travelled through its building. Companies will be able to quickly locate and find missing assets by visualizing them through an easy to use web page. This solution will reduce the cost of doing business by freeing up resources to focus on high impact projects instead of tracking down assets.

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