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Twitter: Google+ Does Not Concern Us

Twitter has spoken. And Google+ is not on its radar.

Co-founder Jack Dorsey spoke at a technology conference yesterday and stated that his company was much more than a social network and that Google’s latest bid in the social space was not a concerning issue.

Describing Twitter as a personal news service as much as a “social network” like Facebook is considered, Jack called his microblogging platform an “information utility” in which “the biggest value is finding out what’s happening in your world in real time.” He also said that Twitter was still busy building itself and not focused on the competition.

The company, most recently valued at up to $8 billion, has been improving its business model over the past couple of years. After a slow start and a long-standing lack of sustainable monetization, the company’s “promoted tweets” drove some serious revenue in 2011. Twitter has also been a relatively active acquirer, considering its size and youth, most recently buying Vancouver startup Summify.

Meanwhile, Google is claiming that its social network has 90 million users, 60% of which are active daily. But the “don’t be evil” software giant is under heavy fire for favouring Google+ in search results and now forcing users to sign up for the network. Critics are flaming the company for being too user-data hungry, corrupting its famous search engine, and shoving Google+ down peoples’ throats.