DEATH’S DOOR: Yellow Media in Trouble Following Poor Earnings Report, Credit Rating Cut, and Stock Plunge

A dime will now buy you a piece of Yellow Media.

The company’s share has been sinking by several percentage points every day for a week, dipping from 19 cents to just 10 cents per share, following a slew of mounting bad news. The company, which failed to dedicate the necessary time and resources to its digital initiatives, is now saddled with nearly $2 billion in debt from its ailing print business.

Standard & Poors today cut Yellow Media’s credit rating from B- to BB-, which sent the stock spiralling downward more than 9%. And only a few days ago, the company’s latest financial earnings report cast a dark cloud, which also triggered a downward surge in the stock.

Only one year ago, the company’s stock price was nearly $6. However, investors fled the scene after watching the company’s print business decline rapidly. The damage the print business dealt to its finances disabled Yellow from smoothly transitioning to the digital space.

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