70,000 Apps are Being Downloaded Six Million Times Per Day in RIM’s BlackBerry App World

Last week, RIM released its fourth-quarter earnings report, and the numbers were mediocre at best. One of the main reasons RIM lost so much ground early on to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms was that they focused so much more on apps, leaving BlackBerry’s suddenly boring OS in the dust.

Since then, RIM has made strides in luring developers to build and convert apps to its store. And while the BlackBerry App World still doesn’t hold a candle to Apple’s App Store, it’s nonetheless much improved from even one year ago.

According to N4BB, RIM now has 70,000 apps in the BlackBerry App World. And there have been two billion downloads in total. And the current rate of daily downloads has reached six million.

Apple has over 500,000 apps in its App Store—nearly eight times the size of App World—and Google isn’t too far behind Apple with its Android apps. Apple also recently hit 25 billion app downloads, more than 12 times the amount of the BlackBerry App World.

Still, every step forward for the beleaguered Waterloo company. A comeback is always possible. And if not, there are always partnerships and acquisitions.

Image: N4BB

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