Online Dating Site Determines Canada’s Sugar Daddy Hotspots

What does the modern sugar daddy look and act like? How much is he worth? And where in Canada does he reside?

These are the questions that SeekingArrangement, the world’s largest “sugar daddy dating website,” set out to answer. Based on five years of data, SeekingArrangement found that the average Canadian sugar daddy is 40 years old, earns an annual income of about $250,000, is worth roughly $5.3 million, and spends just over $4,000 on his “sugar addiction”—AKA his young, hot gold digger.

About 39% are married, with the overwhelming majority (95%) being heterosexual. In Canada, sugar daddies over the past five years have been getting younger, but also earning slightly less and spending slightly less on their sugar addiction, SeekingArrangement says.

One in five sugar daddies are senior executives, while another 14% are entrepreneurs or business owners. Bankers and investors are also common occupations (12%), followed by lawyers (7%). Only 2% are retired, the website found.

So where do these sugar-loving papas reside? Toronto is the top hotspot in Canada, with 2 out of every 1,000 adult men in the city being a sugar daddy. Calgary is second at 1.71, while Vancouver is third at 1.51. Others in the top 10 include Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, and Victoria. Sugar daddies spend the most of their sugar babies in Calgary, at over $4,200 per month, while in Winnipeg the monthly budget is only $2,700 (those poor gold diggers!).

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