- 4 years ago


A BC woman is launching a class action lawsuit against Facebook. The Canadian entrepreneur, who owns Video4Web Productions, has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on behalf of all BC residents who are Facebook users and whose name or photograph has been used by the social networking giant in its recently added “sponsored story” feature without consent.

Sponsored stories, which are triggered when a user clicks Facebook’s famous “like” button on brand pages, should be illegal, Deborah Douez says. The way they function now—using a Facebook member’s name or photo to endorse third-party products to that member’s friends without consent—should not be allowed, her suit argues.

“Facebook’s use of the plaintiff and class members’ names or portraits without consent was high-handed, outrageous, wanton, reckless, callous, disgraceful, wilful and entirely without care for the plaintiffs and class members’ statutory right to control the use of their own names or portraits, and as such renders Facebook liable to pay punitive damages,” according to a notice of claim filed last week.

Photo: Technorati