Vancouver’s CheckinSave, ‘The Ultimate Social Commerce System,’ Launches Mobile App

CheckinSave is a Vancouver-born online platform that enables venues to interact with their customers. Self-described as “the ultimate social commerce system,” CheckinSave allows users to checkin via social networks and earn points on the process—points which can then be redeemed to acquire goods from CheckinSave partners worldwide.

The web startup, which is owned by Game Plan Holdings, also uses a Klout-esque model to measure a metric called CheckinSave Reach. It’s a much more straightforward calculation than Klout, however: 100 Facebook friends and 300 Twitter followers grants a Reach of 400, for example.

CheckinSave dubs its method a “social approach” to the daily deals space:

CheckinSave isn’t your typical daily deal site. Checking in to a venue with CheckinSave will push your check-in to all of your favorite social networks—no need to check in with them individually! We reward check-ins with points which can be redeemed for up-to-the-minute deals and savings posted by our partner venues. You can earn even more points if any of your friends check in to a venue after you have.

“With about 800 million smartphone users worldwide, we saw that geo-location check-ins are rapidly growing in popularity but we also recognized that current systems lacked sufficient rewards,” says Jordan Brill, co-founder. “So we built the CheckinSave platform completely around a financial reward model. Now consumers enjoy an added motivation for sharing their location with their social network—they earn points to save money.

“This is also a major win for venues such as restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, coffee shops, car rental companies, etc., because unlike pushy Internet-based coupon offerings that cost the venues money, CheckinSave is completely free and venues can easily self manage their discount offerings to attract CheckinSave members. It allows venues to quickly and easily join the social-marketing revolution.”

CheckinSave is a free web and mobile app that can now be downloaded for the iPhone and iPad from iTunes and for Android from Google Play. 

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