Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Makes Bizarre, Sweeping Generalizations About Lesbianism, Men Being Jerks

Sheryl Sandberg is Facebook’s chief operating officer. With the social networking giant slated for a $100-billion IPO next month, she’s one of the world’s most prominent female executives.

But she very recently came out with some bizarre, sweeping generalizations about men versus women that has left many people scratching their heads. Sheryl, who is likely a role model for many aspiring female execs, said in a Makers video that if a woman can marry a woman, “that’s better” than marrying a man—even the “right” man.

Because, she says, “the split between two women in the home is pretty even, the data shows.” So, essentially, convert to lesbianism for utility purposes, is the idea offers. After all, data shows it.

Adding to this odd proposition, Sheryl upbraids men: while women feel guilty for working full-time and missing their children, “I don’t know a lot of men who feel guilty,” she affirms, arguing that women deal with problems men supposedly never face.

Sheryl also says that at “any party with families with little kids,” a crying baby will be attended to “almost always” by the woman. And when it’s not, the man gets praised as if he’s a hero. “We still live with expectations, even in very modern families, that the woman is default in charge. And if women are default in charge, they will never succeed as much as men do in the workplace. It’s a huge thing that needs to change.”

She isn’t totally off-base—there are certainly lingering inequalities with women in the workplace—but is the notion of women marrying women for the sake of work/life balance (which she herself claims does not exist) a sane option?

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