Toronto Welcomes Technology Accelerator for Minorities

Toronto’s first minority-focused tech accelerator launched today. Driven Accelerator Group aims to diversify the technology industry by providing opportunities to digital startups led by women and visible minorities.

Founded by Tamar-Melissa C. Huggins, the Driven Accelerator Group will provide entrepreneurial opportunities to Women, African-Canadians and South Asians that were not readily available due to gender biases and social constraints.

Modelled after NewME Accelerator in the United States, Driven’s 12-week program provides increasing exposure to talent, co-working space, access to early stage capital, and mentorship. The goal of the program is to build successful startup companies in Toronto, and to provide exposure to minority founders.

The Driven Accelerator Group boasts an impressive list of mentors including David Ossip, Amber MacArthur, Cher Jones, Bobby Umar, Sonya Meloff, Maggie Fox, Malgosia Green and Yaeko Tong.

The program will run out of Toronto’s newest co-working space, The Foundery and is slated to start in June. Interested applicants can apply online.

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