DefineTO Replaces Twestival Toronto, Fun Night of Networking Ahead

DefineTO is an organization that has replaced the annual Twestival Toronto event at the Fifth, which will be hosted by Breakfast Television producer April Kalloo, who says that Toronto defines her, on Thursday night.

They will also be supporting The Remix Project once again, which serves youth to empower them with skills and personal networks that will help see them flourish in the business world. It’s a youth-led program that acts as an arts and cultural incubator in Toronto. The Remix Project has come a long way in the last year and there’s a video below for your viewing pleasure.

DefineTO certainly has an “edgy” description that echoes these highly social and changing times: “DefineTO is a group of like-minded individuals who are redefining what passion, ambition, and success look like. The world around us moves at lightning speed, and so do we. Through it all, we are defining what we believe in, what our goals are and the road to getting there. We are not doing this by sitting around waiting for the next promotion; we are doing this by redefining our path to success.”

The motto of this year’s event has progressed from “Think globally, act locally,” to one that could inspire unique Canadian innovation: “Be the Exception, Not the Rule.” For those interested in going to one of the bigger social media parties of the year in Toronto, you can purchase tickets here or at the door for $20 depending on available quantities.

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