Vancouver Startup Alchemoo Puts Instagram Images on Business Cards

A couple Vancouverites have tapped into a couple APIs to come up with a pretty cool mashup called Alchemoo which turns your Instagram collection into business cards and mini cards.

There’s not much to say about us, really. We love using our phones to capture and share the amazing things we see each day. We live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, which makes it pretty easy to find Instagram-worthy shots on a regular basis. We figured why not bring those images off of our phones and into the real world? And, that’s how Alchemoo was born.

Created by software engineer Eoin Hennessy and communications consultant Alia Lamaadar, Alchemoo taps into the Moo Print API and the Instagram API and is proudly Made in Vancouver.

With Alchemoo, you can use up to 50 different Instagram pics for business cards or 100 different ones for MiniCards. Next up for Alchemoo is stickers and other printy goodness.

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