Toronto’s Bee Media Acquires Adcentricity

Toronto-based Bee Media has acquired Adcentrcity for an undisclosed sum. Bee Media, previously a personal shopper and location-based deals companny, will leverage its acquistion of Adcentricity, a location-based digital media firm, to complete somewhat of a pivot: the company is “in the process of expanding into an exciting, leading-edge, location-based digital media company that delivers targeted advertising and offers a fully integrated platform and ad network.”

Bee plans to “change the way you to plan, buy, sell, and measure location-based digital media to drive brand impressions and conversions,” according to their website.

Adcentricity was a natural purchase target because the firms had already been working together for six months and their goals aligned, Bee said.

Adcentricity will retain its name and branding, with Bee noting that the firm has established a solid reputation in the business of online advertising that shouldn’t be stripped.

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