Introducing This Is Our Stop, a Niche Social Network for Bus Riders

There’s Facebook, with over 900 million users and the broadest mix of people and purposes possible. And then there’s Vancouver’s This Is Our Stop, a niche network designed for bus riders.

Vancouver developers Tylor Sherman and Todd Sieling have created a mobile-optimized social network in which users enter the five-digit code of their bus stop and are then presented with a map, arrival times, and a text box inviting them to “talk about this stop.” It’s an open-ended network; write anything. The founders liken it to a chalkboard hanging at the bus stop where anyone can grab chalk and write anything.

Unlike the Facebooks and Google+s of the world, TIOS does not require users to register official accounts. There are no usernames and passwords.

The site is new and not concerned with money yet, but the developers do have some ideas for monetization. One is pitching their concept as a “real-time customer service platform”—which, in some respects, Twitter could be described as—for bus stops initially, but eventually also for any business with multiple locations.

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