Who’s Following the Most People on Twitter in the World? A Canadian Startup We All Know

Everyone always talks about which Twitter users have the most followers. It’s been the same for a while now: Lady Gaga is number one, while Canada’s own Justin Bieber ranks second. It hasn’t changed in quite some time and probably won’t for many months.

But there’s been a shift in who’s following the most users on Twitter. For a while, it was US president Barack Obama, who’s now in a neck-to-neck race with Threadless. But he is leagues behind the new champion: Vancouver startup HootSuite Media.

HootSuite, which is now valued at up to $500 million, is following nearly 800,000 people (it has over 2.6 million followers). Yoko is not far behind, following 786,000 people (she has 2.2 million followers).

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