Starbucks and Living Social Set New Daily Deal Record in Canada

Living Social partnered with Starbucks and the two set a new record for daily deals in Canada.

Offering Canadians $10 Starbucks giftcard at 50%, Living Social sold a staggering 150,000 vouchers. That’s $750,000 in sales volume. The sales volume isn’t a new record – that record is held by Tuango at $1.1 million – but the voucher volume is.

According to the Canadian Deals Association, this is a big deal becauseLiving Social is “nowhere near as competitive in Canada as they are in the US,” yet this deal saw Canada buy 10% as many vouchers as Americans – right in line with our population proportion. So in both relative and absolute terms, this was an amazing deal for Living Social.

The CDA also thinks now is a good time for Canadian competitors like Tim Hortons to launch major daily deals with the likes of Groupon, Dealfind, or Teambuy (the latter two of whom recently merged).

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