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Montreal’s Execution Labs Launches New Program to Help Indie Game Developers Acquire Users

Montreal-based mobile gaming incubator Execution Labs today unveiled a new program called Lab Partners.

Lab Partners  is a “matchmaking service” that allows mobile indie game developers to find similar developers with whom they can establish direct cross-promotional deals. Indie game developers can visit the Lab Partners section of the Execution Labs website and search for other games by platform and genre to find potential promotional partners for free, according to the Canadian accelerator.

Indies who connect with one another via Lab Partners can utilize Chartboost’s Direct Deals functionality to acquire users, says Execution Labs. Chartboost, a gaming technology platform that acts as a business engine for developers by helping to acquire and monetize users, offers indie devs a self-service SDK that’s easy to implement, according to the Canadian accelerator.

“One of our primary goals is to add value not just to the indie teams in our lab, but also to the entire indie gaming ecosystem,” explains Keith Katz, cofounder of Execution Labs. “We talk to plenty of devs who know that setting up direct deals with other indies is a great way to get traction for their games. There’s no way they can afford to spend the $1.50 it can take to acquire loyal players. They’re working with such focus—often in isolation—that they either don’t have time or don’t know how to find other developers to cross-promote with. Lab Partners aims to solve that problem for them.”

Last November, Execution Labs raised $1.4 million to launch its gaming accelerator. In January, the accelerator revealed its inaugural cohort of five indie games:

1. Crankshaft Mobile is developing a Rogue-like top-down brawler.

2. Pixel Crucible is building a hybrid adventure/management fantasy game.

3.  Miscellaneum is working on The Firemasters, a blazing 3D side-scrolling action game in which you play each member of a four-person firefighting team on Mars.

4. Lightning Rod Games hails from Toronto. It’s planning a mid-core “evil genius” game that is a mix of Flight Control and Plants vs. Zombies.

5. Imaginary Games is relocating from Vancouver. It’s creating a Tim Burtonesque social card game about a mysterious graveyard carnival.