60% of Fortune 500 Companies Testing or Using BlackBerry 10 Currently

According to BlackBerry, well over half of US-based Fortune 500 companies are now testing the company’s next-gen mobile platform for potential enterprise use—or already using it.

The Waterloo-based smartphone maker says 60% of US Fortune 500 firms are testing or using BB10 today, just as US-based carriers begin rolling out the Q10, BlackBerry’s latest device.

The US market is a big one for BlackBerry, and also one where BlackBerry has lost significant marketshare in recent years. A comeback in the US market would have a massively positive impact on the company’s future prospects.

“This is a very exciting day for us, launching with all four major U.S. carriers,” BlackBerry Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear said in an interview with Reuters. “There are a lot of very loyal BlackBerry keyboard users out there who have been waiting for this and I think, with the Q10, we will also be able to win back prior BlackBerry customers, who are now trying other platforms.”


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