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The Inaugural Edition of the Techvibes 20 – Powered by GoToMeeting


 We’re proud to introduce the inaugural edition of the Techvibes 20.

A completely rethought and redesigned reincarnation of our famous Canadian Startup Index which readers have been following for more than six years, the Techvibes 20 is a bi-monthly list of the hottest and most promising tech startups across Canada. The list is carefully curated by Techvibes editorial staff and reflects who’s making waves in our nation’s tech ecosystem right now.

(Want to be a part of the next Techvibes 20? This list isn’t something you can apply for—but make a splash and you’re certain to get on our radar.)

Check out the inaugural Techvibes 20 after the jump.

The Techvibes 20 is powered by GoToMeeting.

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Bionym, Toronto – This wearable tech startup is a grad of Creative Destruction Lab and The Next 36 and was recently a finalist in our 2013 Startup Awards. Bionym and its Nymi band was named one of Canada’s Hottest companies by CIX in November and has been building a world-class team since.


Hubba, Toronto – Hubba is a data sharing platform that gives brands, retailers, and agencies the power to manage and share their consumer-ready product information. Hubba was a finalist for our 2012 Best New Startup award, was named one of Cix’s Hottest Companies, and just raised a $2.1 million round.


Playerize, Vancouver – This gaming monetization platform is one of the few graduates of a Canadian accelerator that is making money. The FounderFuel grad raised a $1.1 million series A round, acquired a $50 million platform, and just won our Accelerator Graduate of the Year award.


Bridgit, Kitchener – Bridgit brings the power and flexibility of mobile devices to the construction site with an app that streamlines deficiency reporting. A recent for our Accelerator Grad of the Year award, this Next 36 grab & Creative Destruction Lab co is led by women and targeting a traditionally tech-adverse industry.


CrowdCare, Richmond Hill –  This startup streamlines the tech support experience for smartphones and tablets today by cutting out the need for a long and tedious phone call to tech support. They raised $1 million in January, bringing total funding to $3 million.


PasswordBox, Montreal – Named the best mobile app at this year’s CES and one of Canada’s most dynamic and visionary tech firms in 2013, PasswordBox is the first digital life manager that offers all devices. They raised $6 million last November and proceeded to acquire a Silicon Valley based competitor.


KeyCafe, Vancouver – Keycafe is a service which lets customers put their existing keys on standby and manage access to their home or rental property remotely. Keycafe was developed for Airbnb hosts, VRBO hosts, property managers, and busy condo owners in high density urban neighbourhoods.


FameBit, Toronto – 500 Startups launched its first San Francisco accelerator and two Canadian companies beat out 1,300 applicants to be part of its first batch. One is FameBit – “a marketplace that makes it easy for businesses to find, hire, and work with YouTube influencers for product and service endorsements.”


UrtheCast, Vancouver – Last year publicly-traded UrtheCast raised $10 million for the world’s first live space streaming camera. The camera has been installed on the International Space Station and now their efforts turn to commercialization – selling images of everything from hurricanes to ship movements.


Guardly, Toronto – The enterprise mobile safety startup just rasied $1.45 million seed round led by Freestyle Capital. Guardly’s solutions have been licensed by enterprise clients for more than 430,000 end users and they are also working closely with the Crime Prevention Association of Toronto.


Trulioo, Vancouver – Founded by consumer data entrepreneurs Stephen Ufford and Tanis Jorge, Trulioo allows websites to verify online identities at log-in. Trulioo has raised $2.3 million from investors including Blumberg Capital who earned a 52x return on their first Vancouver investment. Can lightning strike twice?


Sciencescape, Toronto – Sciencescape is an academic research platform that is making scientific research manageable for researchers, students and academics. The Extreme Startups grad just closed a $3 million funding round led by iGan Partners and has partnered with global educational publishing giant Elsevier.


SmartSkin Technologies, Fredericton – SmartSkin has developed Quantifeel, a pressure-sensitive product that improves the manufacturing process of beverage makers. The University of New Brunswick spin-off landed a $3.9 million funding round from investors Rho Canada Ventures and Build Ventures last month.


Bench, Vancouver – Bench is the virtual bookkeeping service that combines smart software with North American, web-based bookkeepers. Originally named 10Sheet, Bench launched out of TechStars New York in 2012 and recently raised a $1 million round that included Contour Ventures and other investors.


Whirlscape, Toronto – Whirlscape is the company behind Minuum, a software keyboard that minimizes the screen real estate in takes up, making it ideal for small screens such as smartwatches. After raising $90K on Indiegogo last year this Creative Destruction Lab company raised $500K from BDC VC this month.


FixMeStick, Montreal – The FixMeStick is a bootable USB device that makes computer virus removal simple. The simplicity and usefulness of the device impressed the Dragons’ Den cast—in a January episode, all five Dragons made an offer for a stake in the startup. It’s currently raising $50,000 on Kickstarter.


Indiloop, Vancouver – Indiloop is remixing the way we listen to our favourite tunes: the cloud-based platform enables users to mix, match, and create all sorts of fantastical songs. The same way Instagram has allowed us to create professional looking photographs with ease, Indiloop is doing it with music.

Phemi, Vancouver – Founded last year Phemi has deep roots in supercomputing and is focused on bringing innovation to the healthcare space. To date nurses and doctors are reporting 30% time saved using Phemi and administrators are reporting 96% time saved.

Rithm, Toronto – A Startup of the Year finalist and dubbed the “Snapchat of music,” Rithm calls itself “the world’s most fun and engaging platform for sharing music”—a statement so true that it can make the app socially dangerous to use. Named to CIX’s list of hottest 20 tech companies.


Vidyard, Kitchener – Another contender for Startup of the Year, Vidyard is a rapidly growing startup with lots of partnerships and integrations under its belt, including HootSuite and Salesforce. Vidyard raised a $6 million round last year and CEO Michael Litt has hinted at an IPO some day.