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The inaugural cohort of the Next TO pre-accelerator, sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs, aims to make companies pitch ready within five weeks: these are the lucky few who will be mentored and given advice to ensure as best as possible their entrance to prestigious accelerators.

Sampler: Allows marketers to reach consumers at critical stages of purchase decision. Integrates with Facebook.

SpeakMe: SpeakMe is “Vine for long­form content,” allows for social video experience where users collaborate in global discussions about anything and everything they care about by location. 

LocaWoka: Helps busy people outsource their errands and tasks to reliable individuals seeking supplementary income within their neighbourhoods.

ArtLocal: A real-time guide to the contemporary art scene. 

GrowWell: Helps health and wellness clinics grow. They turn marketing and patient data into actionable insights that help clinic owners grow business.

Commisioner.io: Streamlining the organization and communication of amateur sport leagues and events via a strong data dashboard and web­mobile application.

Utility Health: A task management tool aiming to disrupt the archaic way physicians keep track of their rounds and engage with patients.

OhZone: A payment solution that offers instant, secure and contactless payment experience for day to day transactions to unbanked individuals such as kids.

SKYBO: “Fitbit for your car,” enabling drivers, mechanics and small businesses to gain access to cars across North America. 

Brew Box Co.: Beer enthusiasts helping fellow beer lovers get their hands on Ontario’s craft beers through data.

ThinkNation: A cloud­-based testing and analytics platform that allows companies to evaluate and analyze programmers’ performance in real­time to improve hiring decisions.

Siebu: A customizable ecommerce platform that listens and adapts to customer needs.

Lifestats: An analytics platform to share, compare and discuss your numbers. It integrates across social platforms for friendly competition for those who love to share.