- 2 years ago


Vancouver-based coding bootcamp Lighthouse Labs announced the launch of a new course, an eight-week iOS bootcamp that claims to be the first of its kind in Canada when it commences in July.

The course will be a primarily hands-on learning experience where students will spend the majority of their time building apps and working on assignments, all while being supported by TAs who currently work as iOS developers in Vancouver, according to Jeremy Shaki, cofounder of Lighthouse. It follows the same format that has been used in Lighthouse’s successful Web Development Bootcamp, a course that has placed 100% of its graduates at technology companies in Canada.

The course is a response to the growing demand for iOS developers in Vancouver, a demand that Ian Mackinnon, cofounder of Mapdash, says is unable to be met due to the lack of iOS-specific educational opportunities.

“With the growth of iOS, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill iOS dev roles anywhere,” he says. “One would think that given the growth of iOS developer opportunities, more developers would have migrated to the platform, but the supply hasn’t risen anywhere near fast enough to meet the demand.” 

Students will be taught Objective-C and the iOS SDK in order to learn how to use iOS specific features such as geolocation and the built in gyroscope. All of this will be supplemented with practical knowledge to assure students are able to start working as iOS developers immediately upon graduation.

As is with all immersive bootcamp type courses, students will be expected to put in up to 80 hours a week for duration of the course. Shaki feels that while the time put in is a big aspect of immersive education, the environment is key.

“Immersive education is much more than spending 12 hours a day coding,” he explains. “To immerse yourself in Spanish you go to Spain and to achieve the spiritual benefits of yoga you go on a yoga retreat. We immerse our students in a tech environment by being at Launch Academy, the heart of Vancouver’s tech startup scene, where even when they aren’t learning code they are learning developer culture and building a network of developers and entrepreneurs.”

Shaki says the iOS bootcamp is for everyone from beginners looking to start a new career to full blown developers looking to continue their evolution. The course will begin on July 7 and costs $8,000.