A Curated List of the Technology Transactions Happening Across Canada: April 2014 Edition

Garibaldi Capital Advisors is a technology-focused transaction advisory firm founded by Brent Holliday, Paul Kedrosky and Andrew Jones. We have committed to help Techvibes curate the technology transactions happening every month across Canada.

We started with January 2014 cohort and aggregated and shared our summary. What we need from you, participants in the technology ecosystem, is further information to fill in the blanks where our data sources fall short: missed deals, angel or seed financings and any other corrections or clarifications are encouraged. While Garibaldi starts the ball rolling, we intend to make all the data that is gathered here available publicly through Techvibes.

This is a collective effort at accuracy we feel can’t be matched by any other method. We will do our best to verify submitted information (and where it is verified, send corrections to our data sources). Garibaldi will then take the data and add to it (categorization by industry, stage of the company, etc.) and present quarterly and annual totals for everyone to share.’

As you can see below, the 21 transactions represent a total of $78.6 million on a disclosed basis. Toronto-based start up Wattpad raised a $50.3 million capital led by OMERS Ventures in Ontario. ThermoCeramix Corporation raised $7.5 million dollars in Quebec.


There were a few larger M&A transactions this month generating a $1015.6 million in aggregate transactions. Ultra Electronics Holdings acquired Forensic Technology WAI Inc. for $100 Million, while TELUS Corp. acquired Data and Audio-Visual Enterprises Holdings Inc. for $350 million. Last but not least ADT acquired Reliance Protection Inc. for $555 million.

As you can see, many of the M&A transactions do not have reported amounts and many never will, although there will be rumors and talk around the bar. We only report amounts where there is a public disclosure of some form.



Please feel free to comment below or email us at ea@garibaldicapital.com.

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